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About Amwell

Our company was established in 2006 with joint venture with amwell UK , Sitra Industrial Area (North), Industrial Registration No: 554 and Commercial Registration No: 61009 -1, more than 11 years of experience within the field of Furniture, Interiors and Exterior Cladding.

Whether furniture, facade or interior design: FunderMax stands at the interface between idea and material. We understand architects, processors and the furniture industry - and also the true decision-makers: their customers.

  • To meet (and exceed) the demand and expectations of our clients and partners by providing competitive quality products and services.


  • To supply quality products and service at the most competitive prices to the benefit of our clients.
Our vision is to be the ideal and leading manufacture that aspires to be successful and develop business on the Bahrain and Middle East markets.
Furthermore, we are determined to meet the demands of our clients and partners and exceed expectations. This is how we define superior quality service and ourselves.

What we do:

We think, we develop and we generate. Well-thought-out wood materials and compact laminates are our strength. We understand ourselves as a production company as well as a service partner and a design laboratory. Just because we are fit in all three disciplines, excellence is our daily life.

Where we are at home:

Basically all over the world - because ideas and products made by FunderMax are at home in residential buildings in France as well as in laboratories in Asia and furniture in Italy. Our locations are located in Austria, where more than 1,000 people put their commitment and passion into the quality of our solutions and materials.

Providing Best Kitchen Cabinets Services Since 2006.

We operate Bahrain as well as covering the Middle East / GCC countries. Our extensive network of suppliers enables us to meet the different and specific needs of our clients, using the latest products and modern designs from around the world.

In our short history we have managed to build up an extensive corporate client base, for whom we execute manage and consult on projects based in the Bahrain., Middle East and Other countries.

Amwell is striving to be professional, successful and the preferred furniture supplier and turn-key service provider for the corporate, commercial, Education, Hospital and hospitality businesses in Bahrain and the Middle East.